We strongly support the troops and back the blue and red Firebird supports anyone that dedicates his life to his country and therefore offers various discounts.

Military, Law Enforcement Officers & Firefighters*

25% off MSRP Base EVO, RUSH Reserve & Options **

Member of JSOC or SWAT***

email us for additional benefits

Skydiving or Windtunnel professionals****

20% off MSRP

*(Active or retired with DD214 and honorable discharge only, NATO countries active only or former SF, reserve or fulltime or equivalent for LEOs, Professional Firefighters only)
** upon availability
*** or equivalent in NATO countries, confirmation on unit or agency letterhead
**** the applicant has to be employed by the Dropzone / Windtunnel or be an LLC and hold AFF, TI or IBA or equivalent ratings, confirmation by letter from the employer