Brand Ambassador Program

Not quite an expert yet, but looking to rep the Firebird brand?

The ideal candidate has at least a C, preferably a D license, holds a coach or even an AFF rating and has a strong social media and dropzone presence. 

The Firebird Brand Ambassador Program allows you to use your influence to get huge discounts on your new container, and you will automatically be enrolled into the Firebird Affiliate Program to earn free gear by telling your friends! See more details below in the Affiliate Program Overview section.

How much of a discount can I get by being a Brand Ambassador? If you become a Firebird Brand Ambassador, you could save up to 50% on your brand new rig!

  • Bronze 30% discount off MSRP (1 per year)
  • Silver 40% discount off MSRP (1 per year)
  • Gold 50% discount off MSRP (1 per year)

Details to be discussed after acceptance of application. To apply for a brand ambassadorship, fill out the application.

Affiliate Program Overview

Recommend Firebird to a friend and earn points toward your next container, reserve canopies and other skydiving gear!

Receive 10 pts per recommendation! And save up for free gear!

  • 100 pts = a new rig
  • 50 pts = a free reserve

Inquire for a full list of details.

Sponsorship Program (by invitation only)

For professional skydiving athletes that are at an expert level, we welcome you to apply for an official Firebird sponsorship.

All of our gear sponsorships come with a two year contract, free spare parts and Firebird / EVO branded gear.

  • Diamond - 1 Sponsored EVO per 2 year period
  • Platinum - 1 Sponsored EVO per year
  • Black - Basically, whatever you want (to an extent!) 

$$$ Here is another big bonus! While you are out there looking like fly in your brand new EVO, people are going to ask you about purchasing a new Firebird. We offer our athletes a payout for every sale that they assist in. $$$

Details to be discussed after acceptance of application.  To apply for a sponsorship, fill out the sponsorship application.