Before we get started, it is important to note a few things.

  1. Never measure yourself. Always, have someone else measure you.
  2. Don’t look down during your measurements. Looking down may alter your measurements and lead to an improperly fitted rig.
  3. We prefer measurements in CM, but if you must measure in INCHES, measure to the nearest ¼ INCH.
  4. Always measure from the 0 mark on your measuring tape. Some measuring tapes do not start at zero.
  5. Make sure that there is nothing in your pockets.

First we have the...

Chest Measurement
Arms out and look straight forward. Wrap the tape measure around the back. Pull slightly and continue straight across the nipples. Arms down and relax. Check the back to make sure that the tape is comfortably snug and the measuring tape is even height all of the way around.

Next we have the...

Torso Measurement
The torso measurement goes from the notch in the base of the throat, to a very specific raised spot on the pelvis. (show diagram of the iliac spine) To find it, follow the top side of the hip bone forward until it comes to a point. This is the location of the hip bone. You will need to take the next 3 measurements from this reference point.

Have the person getting fitted put their fingers on their hip bones. It is important that this point of reference does not move during the measuring process. Consider using a sticker, piece of tape or a sharpie to mark the reference point.

Now - Measure from the base of the throat to where the finger has been placed.

Then we have the…

Lateral Measurement
Measure from the same reference point around the back to the second hip bone on the opposite side.

Last we have the..

Leg Measurement
Put the measuring tape between the person’s legs, have them pull up any excess material, and snug up the tape. Both the 0 of the tape and the end of the measurement will be placed on the hip bone.

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