Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you so cheap?

Well, we're not cheap, we're less expensive. How? Direct-sales Baby. We cut out the middle man, the dealer who usually gets up to 30% so you can imagine the savings. We use the same or superior materials than any of the top notch brands. We include nearly everything in the price and even if you don't want all the cool shit, you'll still pay it. We do have a few select powersellers that are located at the biggest DZs in the US or on the Interweb and that will offer you the same awesome price.

How to order an EVO container or package?

Hi, first get creative and click here to design your container. Once you're done, print it as .pdf. Know that the rendering is for reference only. 

Then download the ORDERFORM and fill it out by computer as a pdf document. Include your invoice address as well as contact information and know that no handwritten forms or pictures thereof will be accepted. Neither fax, telex, snailmail or smokesignals.

If you order a package 4 that includes a Main Parachute from ICARUS WORLD, go here to design your canopy and chose us as the dealer. Once you finalized tat, ICARUS will send us an email.

If you chose custom embroideries, please include the design as vector file in the email.

Send us your order and files using this email 

Once we received it, we will be in touch and send you an online invoice. Once it's paid, we will forward the order to production and then you will have to wait and wait.....

How about measurements?

Click here for instructions on how to get measured.

Do I have to pay taxes?

If you pay, pick-up, live or have your bank account in Arizona or Florida, you will have to pay 10.2% AZ or 6.5% FL state sales tax. No sales tax is payable if we ship out of state.

International orders will have to check with their customs or revenue service as most will charge some sort of VAT importing products from the US.

We can't and will not write fake invoices nor ship empty boxes. Tax evasion is a crime so we're not touching that.

How are the leadtimes?

Our leadtimes are on our start page. Note that while this COVID keeps floating around, we will not guarantee any delivery times as it is still heavily disrupting labor and supply chain.

What discounts do you offer?

Click here to see the discounts and what we need from you to be eligible.

What is your warranty and return policy?

Click here to see the latest policies.

What kind of sponsorships do you offer?

Click here to see details about Ambassador- and Sponsorships

Do you offer payment plans?

Ah, YES, we do offer financing through our partners  at Terrace Finance. Click here    

What does fully loaded container mean?

That means that the container, so the EVO, comes with a shitload of options that you would pay a lot of money for anywhere else. So it comes with RSL (MARD as soon as released), black hardware (includes the black housings), contrast stitching, 3D foam deluxe awesome super duper padding on back and legs, fully articulation, rolled-in edges, Dakine Aluminum hook knife and so on. Check out the order form to see what included for free.

What about stock containers?

We do have stock containers on a constant basis. Know that they come in the colors we chose and that just part of the harness will be custom build to you. But trust us to find the best one for your fit. Wanna be on the waiting list? Click Here